Merry Christmas

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas.

Things have been a bit quiet here and on the programming front for the last few weeks as things have been changing at work. We are currently going through a restructure and I am moving teams so things are a bit up in the air while I make sure things are handed over and I don't leave anything unfinished for those taking on the projects.

Saying that I will still be involved with the work just not in as much of a formal role. I have to admit i hate being pigeon holed and my new psoition allows me to get back to being more creative and coming up with ideas and solutions to put into practice that I think may benefit or help my teams and organisations.

So come the new year things will have changed over, hopefully then I will get back to making some updates on the posts i've made previously (if i don't get time over the Christamns break).

Hope you all have a good one, drink and be merry. :)

All the best